Prihoda อาร์ท

Prihoda อาร์ท

Manufacturers of sheet-metal ducting do not offer the chance to display a company logo or themed photos, but Prihoda textile ducting & diffusers give you this opportunity. Our fabric dyeing technology gives products a new aesthetic dimension, enabling them to become an interesting feature in any interior. We are able to produce textile diffusers and air ducts in any Pantone colour, with any pattern, photograph, image, logo or inscription, regardless of how complex they are. Imagination knows no limits. We guarantee that the colours and images will not fade, even when washed regularly.

Special colours

Fabric ducting - Dyeing Technology Prihoda Art



Fabric ducting - Logo and Inscription Prihoda Art



Fabric ducting - Different Patterns Prihoda Art



Fabric ducting - Pictures and Photographs Inscription Prihoda Art



Fabric ducting - Printed Logo Prihoda Art