Maintenance and Warranty


All our ducting&diffusers are made from high quality and highly resistant materials without natural fibre additives. If the diffuser/ducting is equipped with tyres, arcs or tensioning systems, these fixed components need to be taken out before washing.


Any maintenance must strictly follow the washing label symbols sewn into every section.

Washing Procedure:

1. Very dusty diffusers clean first by means of vacuum cleaner (pressurized air, soft brush).

2. For fabrics: Classic (PMS, NMS), Premium (PMI, NMI), Light (PLS, NLS), Recycled (PMSre, NMSre), Durable (NMR), Hydrophobic (NLW):  Wash diffuser in washing machine with industrial washing detergents (dosing as per supplier recommendation), at 40 °C,  we recommend spinning at 400-800 rpm and intensive rinsing. According to the contamination level cycle of washing can be repeated or a stronger detergent used.
For fabrics: Plastic (NMF), Foil (NLF), Glass (NHE), Translucent (NMT): Use an adequate detergent for hand washing. The diffusers, which are not machine washable, can be usually effectively cleaned by vacuum cleaner, floor cloth or water stream.

3. Add disinfection into the wash if required at the place of installation. The chemicals of the disinfection must not affect the fabric (see the washing symbols), detergents dosing as per supplier’s recommendation.

4. Dry the diffusers well after washing and install. The air passing through the diffuser can be used to dry the fabric.

5. Surface (inductive) fouling can be removed easily by vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner directly on the installeddiffusers.


The warranty period is deemed to start on the day of sale.For warranty to be valid all installation and maintenance instructions must be followed, in addition to good practice for the maintenance of the supply air units. Additionally, supply air  must be filtered to at least EU3 and the ducts washed or cleaned every 12 months.  Chemicals used which may have an adverse affect on the material or ancilleries will invalidate the warranty. Dripping water can be coloured by the fabric colour.

Fabric ducting - Hvac warranty period

Fabric ducting - Flexible duct washing symbols