Material list

Textile materials

The material used is essential for correct function of the outlets that meets requirements of technical regulations and provides sufficiently long service life. (For further details see the article published in the VVI journal. products are manufactured only of synthetic materials and their basic overview can be found in the following table:

Shadecard :

white - WH  (about RAL 9010)      white - WH  (about RAL 9010)white - WH  (about RAL 9010)        
light-grey - LG (aboutRAL 7035)light-grey - LG (aboutRAL 7035)light-grey - LG (aboutRAL 7032)
green - GR  (about RAL 6024)green - GR  (about RAL 6024)green - GR  (about RAL 6024)
blue - BL  (about RAL 5002)  blue - BL  (about RAL 5002)   blue - BL  (about RAL 5002)  
yellow - YE  (about RAL 1003)  yellow - YE  (about RAL 1003)yellow - YE  (about RAL 1003)  
dark-grey  DG (about RAL 7037)dark-grey  DG (about RAL 7037)dark-grey  DG(about RAL 7037)
red - RE  (about RAL 3020)red - RE  (about RAL 3020)red - RE  (about RAL 3020)
black - BC  (about RAL 9017)black - BC  (about RAL 9017)  black - BC  (about RAL 9017) 
white - WH  (about RAL 9016)white - WH  (about RAL 9016) 
grey - GY  (about  RAL 9006)