Application Examples


Economic comparison of air distribution systems

Food processing industry

Fabric ducting - Ductwork food processing industry

The first fabric diffusers were used in the food industry. Sanitary regulations require that all food processing devices should be easily sanitised and cleaned. Out of all the air distribution system options, this condition is only met by Fabric Ducting. Fabric Ducts are perfectly clean after washing and a disinfecting agent can also destroy any pathogens thatmay resist the antibacterial treatment. Fabrics made of endless fibres, developed especially for Prihoda‘s textile diffusers, are very smooth and do not allow the build up of impurities. This unique and special feature distinguishes them from diffusers made of staple fibres that continuously trap dust and can represent a sanitary risk.

Supermarkets, exhibition and large retail areas

Fabric ducting - Ductwork large retail areas

For large retail areas we can provide supply air through laser cut perforations or nozzles, whichever suits the application best. Experience over many years shows that Fabric ducting & diffusers offers a substantially better, more unform air pattern than can be achieved with traditional systems, whilst also offering substantial cost savings.  The wide range of 9 stock colours allows for many different aesthetic designs whilst the Fire Resistance of our fabrics meet all world wide standards.


Food Stores, Low Temperature Production Areas

Fabric ducting - Ductwork storages

In large cold stores Prihoda Fabric Ducting distribution systems provide uniform air distribution, ensuring maintenance of stable product temperatures and temperature zones. In production zones with large amounts of people working in low temperatures, high air velocity will be a major cause of dscomfort and may cause a higher sickness or absence rate. Fabric ducts and diffusers disperse cold air without causing draughts, and create comfortable, low velocity environments for workers.

Chemical, Textile and Electronics Industries

Fabric ducting - Ductwork industrial operation

Prihoda Fabric Ducting air distribution is a perfect solution for any industrial operation. Prihoda Fabric Ducts provide uniform low velocity air distribution or targeted air patterns, at unbeatably low costs.  Over 100 suspension solutions make it possible to choose a convenient installation style for any application, easily accommodating most suspended and formed ceiling types. Contaminated production environments may require the use of fabrics with larger laser cut perforations.


Pools, Sports Halls and Fitness Centres

Fabric ducting - Ductwork swimming pool

Large sports facilities are a typical application for Prihoda Fabric Ducting & Diffusers, we are able to create a large range of diffusion air patterns to suit any project.  Whilst our many installations at sports and fitness centres provide comfortable cooling air movement for customers ‚working out‘. In these applications low ceiling heights are often encountered, where half round fabric ducts make an aesthetic and functional low cost installation solution. Swimming Pools are a major user of Fabric Ducts, where the fabric material copes easily with the harsh environment at a fraction of the cost of treated and insulated rigid systems.  The bright colours available revive and enhance many swimming pool interiors.


Fabric ducting - Ductwork kitchen

Space in kitchens is usually minimal, and their extreme load with heat and vapours requires intense ventilation. Prihoda Fabric Ducts disperse high volumes of air uniformly into this environment without creating draughts. The fabric material used is resistant to steams and vapours and maintenance is very quick and easy. Compared to a traditional stainless steel installation Fabric Ducting is a much lower purchase, installation and maintenance cost and easily achieves sanitary and hygiene demands due to its cleanability.

Offices, Restaurants, Cinemas etc.

Fabric ducting - Ductwork offices

Higher aesthetic demands can be satisfied by the muliple colour and shapes available withPrihoda Fabric Ducting air distribution. Correctly manufactured and perfectly installed fabric diffusers become an elegant part of an interior. Air diffusion through Fabric Ducting provides similar results to chilled beams or perforated ceilings, however although the performance is similar, Fabric Ducting is available at a much lower capital cost. Unlike the traditional diffusers, embedded in soffits, our broadly diffused solutions do not cause any local heat discomfort. Experience has demonstrated that employees in such equally distributed and cooled offices are significantly more comfortable.

Temporary Installations

Fabric ducting - Ductwork temporary installations

The benefits of using Prihoda Fabric Ducting and distribution systems for cooling or heating of large scale tents or other temporary structures are self evident. Light weight roof structures can easily support fabric ducting and diffusers weighing from 100 to 400 g/m². Installation is very quick, using the supporting wires and hooks provided as part of the system. Top quality materials allow multiple repeated use. Cooling or heating using a large AHU and Fabric Ducting diffusing all along the structure,is much more economical than simply blowing the air into a space. Specifically with heating the warm air rises quickly creating a high temperature zone high in the ceiling and enourmous heat loss. In cooling, with air diffused through Fabric Ducting intense airflow causes local air current sand draughts; whilst else where zones with insufficient cooling develop. Both cases are successfully resolved by a properly designed Fabric Ducting distribution system.

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