5 for fabics ducting&diffusers

1/ Economy, speed
Cost saving compared to sheet metal system may reach as much as 70%! Take the price of conventional diffusers, transport, installation, setting of the proper air flow, and cost of cleaning into consideration! Assembly and disassembly only take a fragment of time that is needed for the traditional heavy systems!

2/ Hygiene
After washing and disinfecting, as necessary, the entire system is 100% clean and bacteria-free! Such a guarantee cannot be achieved with traditional materal.

3/ Ecology
Fabric air ducting&diffusers are environmentally-friendly beginning with their decreased energy demand for transport and installation. They are partially manufactured of recycled material, upon request we can arrange return withdrawal of old components.

4/ Method
Layout of distribution openings is optional and so is their size. An inexhaustible number of air distribution methods can be achieved beginning from draught-free diffusion up to targeted transfer over a long distance!

5/ Aesthetics
Varouse colur and shape combinations may satisfy the needs of an architech and the product then becomes a tasteful part of the building interior.