1/ Best rate price / quality
We offer the best rate of price and quality in a long-term view. Our very reasonable prices do not mean any compromise on lquality. We hold ourselves responsible for the products we deliver, their proper function and long service life are the priority for us.

2/ Experience&knowledge, technical support
We only maufacture this product and focus constantly in its improvements. Our engineers verify carefully every technical detail in our specialized test room. Every carefully every technical detail in our specialized test room. Every delivery consists of calculation of technical parameters, including pattern of airflows.

3/ Innovatios
Every year we launch several novelties novelties on the market as a fully natural consequence of the enthusiasm of creative skills of our people. We do not cosider anything finished, everything can still be improved. For example microperfaration of fabrics, which start to use more and more products, is our unique technology.

4/ Long warraty period
Because of the highest quality we able to provide a ten-year warranty.

5/ Speed
We are able to reach the shortest delivery term even in hard conditions of custom manufacturing. all that because of excellent organization of work. In 2011, We delivered roughly 4500 orders into 43 countries across the globe. More than 99% of these deliveries were dispatched within our confirmed terms. The term of delivery in order-based production did not exceed 3 weeks throughout the year; a range of order was produced within an express term of 1 week.